Funerals by Hedley Jackson

Funerals provided by Hedley Jackson are carried out with dignity, compassion and professionalism

Our Funeral Services

Hedley Jackson Funeral Directors will help you every step of the way and can provide you with a full bespoke funeral service in accordance with your wishes. All our funeral services are carried out with dignity and compassion.

Full Bespoke Funeral Service

We can tailor a funeral service to meet the family’s wishes and to comply with all relevant laws.

After discussing your requirements, we will take detailed instructions concerning the services and facilities to be provided and then act to ensure the funeral is dignified and that all aspects are delivered to the highest professional standards.

Hedley Jackson Funeral Directors offer a variety of funerals, whether you require a religious, non religious service or a woodland burial, we are here with you every step of the way.

Our Vehicles

Our owned, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are of the highest standard and meticulously maintained.

Taking your loved one to their final resting place is a main focal point of the funeral which is why our owned vehicles are of the highest standard and well maintained.

All our funerals include a chauffeur. We can also accomodate a route of your choice to pass by places of relevance to your loved one.

If required, we can also provide a horse drawn hearse. Please speak to one of the team for further information.

Religious Funerals

Religious Funerals


Non Religious Funerals

Horse Drawn Hearse

Horse Drawn Hearse

Woodland and Green Burials

Woodland Burials

Choosing a funeral for your loved one

Hedley Jackson Funeral Directors can personalise the funeral to your specific requirements.

We can arrange all types of funeral you require for your loved one whether religious, non religious, burial, cremation or a woodland burial. We will answer all the questions you may have relating to the whole process and ensure your loved one gets the send off they deserve.

We understand that the funeral of each individual is unique and will always do our utmost to meet the needs of a family. We have extensive contacts within the funeral industry making sure that the service we offer will meet expectations.

Services We Provide

It is important to emphasise that the services outlined here will not always be provided automatically and this list is by no means exhaustive but, typically, Hedley Jackson Funeral Directors can:
  • Arrange a date and time for the funeral, according to your instructions. We will contact the church, cemetery or crematorium and/or the person who will be conducting the service, to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.
  • Transfer the deceased from the place of death, or from the location to which the deceased has been taken, to their premises, provide practical assistance to allow the deceased to remain at home prior to the funeral, if this is what you request.
  • Provide facilities for viewing of the deceased prior to the funeral, according to the family’s wishes.
  • Provide the necessary vehicles and staff to conduct the funeral with dignity and professionalism, in accordance with your instructions.
  • Deal with all necessary paperwork to enable burial or cremation to take place.
  • Place death notices in local and/or national newspapers.
  • Arrange for catering at a venue of your choice following the funeral.
  • Make arrangements for the subsequent disposal of the remains following a cremation.
  • Arrange special musical requests for the funeral service, such as a soloist, piper or choir.
  • Liaise with the officiant and printers to provide Order of Service sheets at the funeral service.
  • Provide pew cards to record details of those attending the funeral.
  • Order floral tributes on behalf of the deceased’s family and/or friends and colleagues.
  • Accept and care for floral tributes delivered to their premises prior to the funeral.
  • Accept donations for a nominated charity in lieu of flowers on your behalf, providing the family with a list of those who have donated after the funeral.
  • Arrange for transfer of either the deceased or the cremated remains to another area of the country, or repatriation overseas, for a subsequent funeral or disposal, in accordance with your wishes.
  • Provide advice to assist with the registration of the death. Please be aware that Funeral Directors cannot register a death – this is something which must be done by a family member or person closely connected with the deceased.
  • Supply obituary cards or ‘thank you’ cards for use by the family following the funeral service.
  • Place “Thank You” and acknowledgement notice, or obituary notices in local newspapers following the funeral.
  • Provide information on how to arrange a pre-paid funeral plan.
  • Offer a choice of coffins and caskets to suit a range of budgets and individual choice.

Things to consider when arranging a funeral



  • Prior to the burial, where would you like the funeral service to take place? (A place of worship, the graveside, our Chapel of Rest etc)
  • Which cemetery would the burial be in?
  • Is it an existing grave or will you be purchasing a new plot?


  • Prior to the cremation, where would you like the funeral service to take place? (A place of worship, the crematorium chapel, our Chapel of Rest etc)
  • Which crematorium would you like to use?
  • Following the cremation, what would you like to happen with the ashes? If unsure, we can discuss the different options with you.

    Additional Arrangements

    • On the day of the funeral, where would you like to meet? (a family address, our Chapel of Rest, a place of worship, the cemetery or crematorium, etc)
    • Have you considered music/hymns for the funeral?
    • In addition to the hearse, do you require any transport for the funeral? Our limousines can seat up to 6 people.
    • Will you return somewhere following the funeral for some refreshments? If so, we can help with this.
    • Would you like to come to pay your respects at the chapel of rest and is there anybody you wish to exclude from doing so?
    • Would you like to provide some clothes? If not, we can supply a gown.
    • Would you like people to send flowers for the funeral?
    • If you’d prefer donations, which charity would you like to support?
    • Will you be having funeral flowers? We can take care of this for you or you can arrange yourself.
    • Do you require a printed order of service for the funeral? We can put you in touch with a printer if needed.
    • We would require you to select a coffin, we can show brochures with options and source anything. We would always obtain a price for you before ordering.

      Please note: The information is purely intended as an aid to making the funeral arrangements. We understand that every funeral is individual and we will always do our utmost to carry out your specific wishes.

      As we are members of The National Association of Funeral Directors, we have a duty to give you a written estimate of the funeral expenses at the point of arrangement, this also includes our terms of business.

      Coffins and Caskets

      Choosing a coffin or casket for your loved one is not only one of the main focal points of a funeral, but it can also help in the bereavement process. Hedley Jackson Funeral Directors offer a wide selection of coffins and caskets including bespoke options. All our solid wood coffins and caskets are ordered to your specifications.

      An example from our traditional range.


      The Stafford

      Our simple yet dignified oak veneered coffin with 4 handles, plume screws and engraved plate.


      The Ascot

      Raised lid, oak veneered coffin with 6 handles, plume screws, wreath holders and engraved plate.


      The Minster

      Raised lid, panelled sided oak veneered coffin with 6 handles, plume screws, wreath holders and engraved plate.


      • Stained Medium oak
      • Stained Golden Oak
      • Stained Oak
      • Stained Mahogany

      Solid Wood

      • Oak
      • Mahogany
      • Pine
      • Oak

      Natural Coffins and Caskets

      There are a number of options when choosing a coffin or casket thats made from natural materials.

      Natural coffins and caskets are suitable for cremations or burials. In a natural or green burial ground the body is returned to nature in a biodegradable coffin or shroud. Woodland burials are becoming increasingly popular with over 250 sites now in the UK.

      Colourful Coffins

      “As Individual As You”

      Hedley Jackson Funeral Directors know that everyone is unique in their own way. This is why we are proud to be able to offer colourful and individual coffin styles for that special send off. For examples of what we can provide, please visit Colourful Coffins®

      Colourful Coffins

      What to do when someone dies

      We understand losing a loved one can be a difficult and confusing time. Hedley Jackson will guide you every step of the way. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may cover any of your queries.

      Funeral Plans

      Planning ahead for your funeral is one of the most thoughtful and caring things you can do. Learn more about our pre-paid funeral plans.

      Donations and Floral trubutes

      Floral tributes are a way to express your feelings in such an emotional time. Occasionaly, families may prefer a donation to be made thats relevant to their lost loved one. We can help with this arrangement, please read more to donate.

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